Guesthouse facilites


In the Guesthouse at Heidarbaer there is  3 double rooms, where you can choose from a fully catered guesthouse service or sleeping bag accommodation.

Sleepingbag in domitory       pr. persone     3.500,- iskr.                                             

It is assembly room with party walls and doors in each cubicle. 2-4 persone in each


Madeup beed in three double rooms    pr. Persone      6.900,- iskr.

With shared bathroom. 

Sleepingbag in double room  Pr. persone   4.900,- iskr


Breakfast is in Heidarbaer but not included      1.500,- iskr


Campingplace              Pr. pers      1.250,- iskr             

Familiprice 2 adults   and 4 child 0 – 16 years        2.500,- iskr

Tax  for camp          333     isks